Our Special Promotion on Teeth Implants:
  • $100 Gift certificate for teeth implant procedure in our clinic
  • Free initial consultation ( $100 Value)
  • 5 Year continuing care warranty for your dental implants
  • Get Free Gift — free home lightening whitening kit (value of $ 200)
Major Benefits of Dental Implants
  • Natural Appearance — dental implant feels and looks just like natural teeth. As well, there is increased security and stability when eating, sneezing, and laughing.
  • Preserve Facial Structure — dental implants prevent bone deterioration and retain correct natural facial features. Basically, the implants prevent the portion of the face from collapsing due to the preservation of the bone
  • Preserve Adjacent Teeth — When you replace missing teeth with implants and put in supported bridges and crowns, the adjacent natural teeth will not be damaged.
  • Comfort — no slipping or movement as there with dentures. They are closest forms of teeth to your natural teeth
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